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Using Soapcalc to Formulate Shaving Soap

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Soapcalc is an awesome resource for soap making. But how should you use Soapcalc to formulate shaving soap? What do the numbers and factors displayed mean? How do you calculate lye ratios with Soapcalc?

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How to Personalize Your Shaving Soap Recipe: Fragrance, Fats & More

So you have a shaving soap recipe that gives you a good shave and a rich, stable lather – but that’s it. For now, it’s unscented and far from extraordinary.

This is part of the process, though. It’s easier to establish a foundation and manipulate one or two things at a time in subsequent batches. When something goes wrong, this limits the number of possible culprits.

Now that we’ve got a solid foundation, it’s time to get a little more creative!

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Making Your First Shaving Soap: Base Recipe

Looking for a shaving soap recipe? I’m going to show you how to make your own, even if you’ve never made soap before.

If you’re new to soap making, it’s still a good idea to start with a base recipe to work from. That way, you can make small adjustments and observe their results.

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Melt and Pour Shaving Soap

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You want to start experimenting with shaving soap, but you’re feeling a little overwhelmed. Locating, buying, and handling lye and a myriad of oils can be confusing.

If you just want to experiment with different fragrances and/or superfats, melt and pour soap can be a great way to go. In this post, I’m going to sum up the pros and cons of melt and pour shaving soap.

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6 Reasons to Make Your Own Homemade Shaving Soap

If you’ve already read a few posts here on Shaver Soaper, you might have asked yourself why you should bother making homemade shaving soap at all. After all, there are plenty of artisans out there selling great soaps already.

What if you don’t do it right? Won’t it be expensive? What should you do with the extra soap you make?

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How to Make Shaving Soap with a Great Lather

Lather is the most important thing about a shaving soap. It’s got to be rich, long-lasting, slick, and moisturizing – and it can’t dry or irritate skin.

If you’ve been looking into how to make shaving soap, you’ve probably heard some off-putting numbers about how many recipe variations people have gone through to get a good lather. It’s my goal to help you skip some of that expensive and time-consuming process. In this post, we’ll get into the characteristics of an awesome lather and some of the fats soap makers use to achieve it.

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